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    Error Message Received During Download


    by tlrumph ·

    Our organization has made several attempts to download the PM Toolkit purchased from one of our Administrative Assistants for the IT Project Director. We have tried several systems and each time that we try to download the zip file we receive an error message that is also noted in the order information. Our order number is 35212. I have even checked with our systems administrator regarding the download and they too were not able to open the file.

    Is there a possibility of directly sending the zip file to Alicia McCord-Estes, IT Project Director at If this is not possible, please notify of an alternative solution that may work in order for the IT Project Director to receive the document that has been paid for.

    If you have any questions, please contact me.

    Tinnera L. Rumph
    Administrative Assistant
    Department of Community Health
    Office: 404-656-7282 Fax: 404-656-9566

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      You’ve placed this in the wrong place as this forum is used predominately by TR Members and Not TR itself.

      What you should do is go to the download site and see a blue word Help this is a Hyperlink directly to TR and they will solve the problem for you.

      Because you have entered a valid E-Mail address it would also be a good idea to request that this be removed from the Q&A section as this is a [b]Public Forum[/b] and anyone can see this as well as the Web Spiders that hunt the web for active e-mail addresses to send spam to.


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      by tlrumph ·

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