Error Messages ex800ccc0e, ox800cccof, etc... server time out, etc...

By bennettchic ·
I have been having this error message on only one email account using my smtp
i have talked to my website that my email doamin is pointed to, i talked to my domain provider, i talked to comcast, and no one casn seem to figure out what the problem is.
i tried miscrosoft becasue the emails are coming out of outlook, outlook 2007, or outlook express. I have searched all help categories and everything says the same thing that is might be my properties on them email, servers being down, the time-out setting to be increased, delete the email accout and add it back and start outlook over.
None of this works. the email accounts i have in outlook are working form webmail. the gmail account and other accoutns work from outlook just not anything using the smtp from my isp provider.
comcast sat on the phone wiht me and did their scripts just perfect then we got to a place where they did nto know what to do next. I need someone who is tech savy and can help me.
I do not know how to delete outlook express and re-install it cause i have an ibm and they do nto send cds with your computer and talking to anymore customer service people who know nothing about computers is killing me.
please help someone.

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Download and install mozilla thunderbird

by robo_dev In reply to Error Messages ex800ccc0e ...

It's free and it works better than outlook express. Whatever is broken with outlook express will no longer be an issue.

You will have to configure the correct email server settings in thunderbird, just like you had to do in outlook express.

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why change out of outlook?

by bennettchic In reply to Download and install mozi ...

I have outlook 2007 and i use that withmy business. i would like to corect the errors first then try something else after. can you help me?

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Outbound SMTP

by Churdoo In reply to why change out of outlook ...

Do you have your outgoing (SMTP) server set to Do you have the checkbox enabled which states "Outgoing server requires authentication?" In the button next to that checkbox, I forget what it's labled, maybe "Settings," do you have "use these credentials" and filled in with your COMCAST email and COMCAST password?

In the Advanced tab, SMTP should be set to the default port of 25?

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yes all that is very clear to me

by bennettchic In reply to Outbound SMTP

and i have all of that set up correctly. as a matter of fact that is what i went over on the phone with comcast again and again to make sure i have it set up correctly. but the weird thing is this was no problem for the last 7 months in this home, and it just started happening after the server went down because of a rain storm adn then this started. i have unplugged my boxes, deleted the email accounts and added them all back. i went from outlook 07 to outlook express just to have comcast talk to me.
gmail works out of outlook the webmail of the accouts work it is just smtp for that do not send. i recieve the emails but just can no send from just 2 accounts and they use comcast smtp.

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