Error messages

By charles.haynes ·
I have added an extra HD to my computer. On reboot I am getting 'Operating system not found'.
I have double checked all connections. They are OK. I'd be grateful for any helpful advice.

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Check your BIOS settings for boot drive

by Stephen Howard-Sarin In reply to Error messages

Sounds like your PC is looking to the new drive for the OS, and that drive was not formatted as a boot volume. (That's a choice you make during the format process, usually.)

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Jumper Pins ???

by dawgit In reply to Check your BIOS settings ...

Did you place the jumper pin to 'Master' on the 'old' HD & 'Slave' on the 'New' HD? and is the old HD at the end of the cable? (assuming IDE/ATA here)

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Cable Select

by neil.jones In reply to Error messages

you may also be able to place the jumpers to cable select and let the boot process handle it self.

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A little more

by zlitocook In reply to Error messages

Information please, your cables that connect to the hard drives are they flat and a couple inches wide with connectors that have many holes in them. Or are they skinny and have a small connector with a slot on them?
Whatch the screen as your computer boots up you should see both drives listed if you only see one then the computer itself is not seeing the drive.
Then you need to check the jumper ob the end of the drive make sure it is on SL for slave or CS for cable select. Some computer do not use the cable select though. The cable that is flat is an IDE cable and if it has two connectors on it the last on is for master and should go on the old hard drive. The one that has your operating system on it, the second gose on the new drive. Make sure the computer is off and unplugged before trying any of this.
If you have an empty IDE connector on the main board you can buy a cable to go from there to the new drive. What O/S are you using? XP, 2000 or 98 you may need to reset the Bios if the computer still will not see the O/S. Remember if when it boots up and it will not see the new drive the O/S will not ether.

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is the new drive a sata drive?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Error messages

i think i have seen this problem here before. tell us more about your setup. is the new drive sata? is it on its own controller. what make/model of drive, controller, pc? did you go the the drive mfg website and look this up. can you boot from a windows xp cd and see the drive then?

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