Error: Missing Operating System (Windows XP Professional)

By mikeadler ·
If my pen drive is NOT plugged-in, my laptop boots correctly.

If I try booting with my pen drive inserted, I get the following error: "missing operating system"

Is there a way I can boot with the pen drive inserted . . . and bypass the system trying to boot from that drive?

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Change the boot order.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Error: Missing Operating ...

Check your BIOS settings. It sounds as if you have the boot order set to boot from USB device first. Move it down in the order of devices so it's after the HDD. If you should ever need to boot from a USB device, then simply change it back.

But, you should also consider NOT leaving the pen drive plugged in while you're booting. That can corrupt the device. It should only be plugged in when needed, then removed before shutting down the machine.

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Yes - but it is NOT advisable ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Error: Missing Operating ...

You must have, at some point, set your BIOS to 'Boot from USB' (or maybe it's called 'Boot from External Device'). That's why it's booting from a pen drive when it's inserted at power-on.

Hit whichever key your laptop requires, IMMEDIATELY AFTER your Splash Screen to gain access to your BIOS. From there you can change the Boot Sequence, altering it so that your HDD appears in the sequence BEFORE your pen drive.

As to constantly booting (successfully) with your pen drive still inserted - that is NOT advisable.

Just as there is a recognised method for Safely Removing a USB pen drive, there is also a reason for it. Sometimes pen drives can be a bit lackadaisical to complete the writing of files, so eventually you may shut down before the USB has finished writing.

On the next start-up, the files you are expecting to find on the pen drive won't be there OR the pen drive WON'T BE THERE as far as the system is concerned.

Any computer component can only die once.

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In addition

by tintoman In reply to Error: Missing Operating ...

to what you have already been told, some computers (notably Dell) see many attached usb devices as bootable - even printers and wireless adapters belive it or not, so also in the BIOS settings you need to make sure that your usb controller is set to "no boot" or whatever the phrase is in your BIOS

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