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Error notice "Not Detecting Hard Drive"

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I am running Windows XP SP2 & the system will not re boot the Windows operating system. It has been fully loaded andf completely updated and been run through a fully updated virus scan (Norton). On attemting to reload via the XP Disk it will not reload Windows past R - Repair or ENTER to set-up reload the Windows folder. Instead I am confronted with the error message "Not Detecting Hard Drives". As I can't access Windows via the CD Disk or bootdisk Floopies how can I load the dos command center to run the appropiate commands?

This problem applies to both 40gig drives - One running Windos XP Home (SP2) and Office 2002 Proffesional, the other Windows 2000 Proffessional .NT (SP3) with Office 2002 professional.

Any surgestions would be appreciated. Should I have Microsoft do an online scan!

Thanks & safe computing

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Error notice "Not Detecti ...

Well you could start off by telling if these drives are SATA or IDE drives. If they are SATA you'll need to push the F6 key at the beginning of the install process to install the SATA drivers for your M'Board.

If they are IDE I would first look in the BIOS to see if they are being seen by the computer as it's possible that a Data Lead has failed or even a Power Supply. If a PS 5 V DC lines goes too low it will trash the MBR's on the HDD's so they will effectively be blank.

Now if they are visible to BIOS and are not SATA drives you defiantly have a problem as the Windows Installer isn't able to see either of the drives but I would imagine that you'll either not see them in BIOS or that they are SATA drives and you need the SATA Driver to reload Windows. If the system has been working previously I would first look at the Data Lead and then the power leads and replace the IDE Cable if they are IDE Drives.

However if they are SATA drives the only solution is to install the correct driver before you attempt to do a Windows reinstall.


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by rmatevich In reply to Error notice "Not Detecti ...

Check your boot order devices in CMOS, make sure the cd is first. Also check your partition and make sure it is set for primary. If needed I sometimes will format the drive with another OS (98etc.) and then redo the NTFS format in XP. Good Luck. Also are you using an OEM copy of XP? Check it to be sure.

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