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    Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking


    by skvnk2 ·

    I am trying to install my Panda Internet Security 2007 software onto my Vista machine. I am receiving an error message during the installation when it reaches the “Installing services…”.

    The error message is exactly as follows below:

    Error Number:0x80040707 Description. DLL Function Call Crashed: PaVSCR.enable script blocking. Setup will now terminate.

    I have researched many forums, including TechRepublic’s thread on resolving this issue, and found no instructions that will fix this issue. I notice that this problem occurs with other software installations (e.g. Macromedia, Adobe, etc.).

    I have tried all the solutions provided by InstallShields support team to no avail. I have tried going through my services to disable any service that may be “unnecessary”. I have contacted Panda’s technical support and they’ve been great help as to troubleshooting this; however, there is no fix for it. Could someone please diagnose this problem and figure it out to help me install my security protection?

    Note: The link below is to the screenshot which I have taken of this error message (Warning: This picture is NOT Dial-up friendly):

    Thanks to all who participate!

    Best Regards,

    Christian Anderson

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      by skvnk2 ·

      In reply to Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking


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      Follow this link

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking

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        No Success

        by skvnk2 ·

        In reply to Follow this link

        Thank you for the post; unfortunately, we’ve already tried that and had no luck with it. I’m going to keep looking but once again, thank you for your effort!

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        by skvnk2 ·

        In reply to Follow this link

        I have still not found a resolution to this issue. Could someone please help?

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          Anything yet?

          by skvnk2 ·

          In reply to Still..?

          Anybody found anything that might be helpful yet?

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          A link to

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to Anything yet?

          I have never used this sofware. I just had a look at their site and their support and could not find a reference to Vista. So at the moment I am not even sure if Vista supports it.

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          SAME WITH PANDA 2008

          by swh1 ·

          In reply to A link to

          Same issue found with ugrading to 2008, download states for vista amd xp. No problem with xp upgrade vista is giving me fits. sent to tech support but no feedback as of yet

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      You could try

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking

      downloading the file again. I found a reference to P07NT.exe (for Windows XP/2000/Vista 32 bits). Is that the file you are using?

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        by skvnk2 ·

        In reply to You could try

        I have tried both 2007 and 2008 (P07nt.exe & P08.exe) and both of them have the same problem. The funny thing is that if I run their Panda Antivirus (lite version), it works fine. I have even tried installing it without the firewall but same problem. It appears that when it is installing the “services” this occurs.

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          by rob miners ·

          In reply to P08

          funny how Companies are flogging Vista compatiable Software that obviously does not work. I just had a client who signed up 3 months ago for wireless access. These modems are supposedly Vista compatiable but they were not. They have just released an update so that they will work. You may have to wait for them to update.
          The only other thing I can think of at the moment is trying this and then try to install it.
          1. Go to Start, All programs, Accessories, then right click command prompt and click Run as Administrator.
          2. Once the command prompt opens type this command and press enter.
          net user administrator /active:yes
          3. This command will enable the hidden Administrator account in Windows Vista. Log off your account and log on as the Administrator. After you log on, see if you can install.

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          Will give it a try

          by skvnk2 ·

          In reply to Its

          I will go ahead and try that solution because it sounds like a possible fix. I will let you know what happens and get back to you. Thank you very much everybody for all your help; I highly appreciate it!

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      Call crash when installing Panda Antivirus

      by epcdoctor ·

      In reply to Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking

      I am a technician at Panda Security and we have been seeing this problem for quite sometime. It is currently being escalated to the developers who are working on a solution. At this time there is no workaround as the Installshield site shows. Contact your Tech support dept for your country and ask them if you are able to use the AV2008 product in the meantime while this problem is being looked into. If you are a US customer (As I see you are close to Glendale Ca, send me your client number by email or private IM and I will help you get your issue started and a workaround for you as well.

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        Tried hidden admin account in Vista

        by skvnk2 ·

        In reply to Call crash when installing Panda Antivirus

        I have tried activating the hidden administrator account in Vista and running the installation but still to no avail. I have a feeling it might have to do something with a service that is running in Vista. However, what disapproves that guess is that the lighter version of Panda will install just fine. I am at the end of my wits here and almost about to get a refund but I do want to know what is causing this problem in case I come across it in the future.

        To everyone, feel free to bump this thread up and give me some feedback; I am willing to try any solution any one has. Thanks again!

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      I have the same problem

      by millss12 ·

      In reply to Error Number:0x80040707 PaVSCR.enable script blocking

      Has there been a solution to this problem yet?

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