error on custom distribution list

By sprinkl3s ·
we are in the process of migrating to exchange from an outsourced email solution. one of my users has several distribution lists in their contacts. when they try and send a message to one of their distribution lists they get an error of "unexpected error has occured" i have tried researching this and have tried several things to figure this out to no avail. there is nothing in the logs. i am going to try installing SP 2 for office 2003 to see if it fixes anything.

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worked for little while

by sprinkl3s In reply to error on custom distribut ...

I uninstalled and reinstalled office and it worked for a while, but not it is giving the error again. need help on this or CEO is gonna have my butt...

Nothing on the system has changed, it seems like an error in word, if i set outlook to not use word as the email editor it will work temporarily then stop working again.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Multiple owners for distrubtion list in exchange 2003

by ba.eliyaz In reply to error on custom distribut ...

How can we add multiple owners to a distribution list in windows server 2003.
If you find the soluction please mail me at

Waiting for your replys

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Outllook 2007 - "an unexpected error has occurred" when sending emails

by bud.huey In reply to error on custom distribut ...

I am also having problems with Outlook 2007. I was able to Bcc a distribution list before, but now I get "an unexpected error has occurred" every time I hit "send" on an email to a distribution list. Any suggestions of a fix would be appreciated!


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Outllook 2007 - "an unexpected error has occurred" Distribution List

by gbollinger In reply to Outllook 2007 - "an unexp ...

The way I fixed this is by the following.

(Note that I did recreate my distribution list before I tried this fix though I don't think that was needed. Not sure.)

Most people when sending an email usually select the first couple of letters in the contact name or distribution name and it appears in the To: box and they move on. So try this first before recreating your lists.

When forwarding or creating a new email select TO: and choose your distribution name from the drop down list; then send. This should fix the memory association of the list for future sends.

If this doesn't work recreate your distribution lists and follow the aforementioned step.

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by jroughgarden In reply to Outllook 2007 - "an unexp ...

Adding the custom list from the dropdown fixed the problem.

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Thanks also.

by Tonyandoc In reply to Outllook 2007 - "an unexp ...

Was having the same issue after updating a distribution list. Your fix worked.

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Reponse To Answer

by alicesmith4321 In reply to Outllook 2007 - "an unexp ...

If you are getting unexpected error messages than there may be issues related with PST file corruption. Corruption of PST file is a common scenario which a user may face while working in Outlook. To repair corrupted PST file you may use Inbox repair tool which is an inbuilt application provided by Outlook to repair corrupted file but it may fail to work in some situation. In this case you may use PST recovery software to repair corrupted PST file.

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I am having the same problem

by linas In reply to error on custom distribut ...

Company emails where working on outside provider, now i moved all emails to exchange server, after the "big move" one of the customers cant use her distribution lists, whenever she try to send email to distribution emails she gets error - unexpected error occurred in Microsoft Word.

Any suggestions will be apreciated.


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information for you

by sprinkl3s In reply to I am having the same prob ...

have you tried rebuilding the distribution lists?

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distribution list unexpected error

by stevesimnick In reply to information for you

Don't know whether this is relevant to your situation or not but I've found that a distribution list name containing a space produces the error whereas the same distribution list with no space in its name does not. For example, a distribution list named "the gang" produces the error but the same distribution list, instead named "gang", does not.

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