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    Error on loading os


    by sytsopor ·

    When I start the pc (hp pavilion 4550z) it gives a message about an “unistallation of a SW incomplete and tell that could’n find “ndisman.vdx”, press any key.
    After that it, when the icons appear it says:
    “unastallation error”
    unable to open the installation log registry key noshow. installation will not continue.
    I cancel this message ans the system goes up.
    It seems that somebody tried to unistall a program without success. how can I find out what is the cause and correct it.

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      Error on loading os

      by lbsmusica2 ·

      In reply to Error on loading os

      First off,what OS are you using,and second is it your machine.Ndisman.vxd or.vdx is a network term file that 16/32 bit uses for sending internet info.You would need the disc to allow that file to be downloaded to the appropriate place in the system files.Someone may not have allowed the connection to finish the download.Or a disc file was not succesfully uninstalled,reinstall it.

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      Error on loading os

      by curacao_dejavu ·

      In reply to Error on loading os


      If you have the cd of windows, go to the control panel, network settings.
      Make a note of your network settings, then delete all the protocols and service.
      Reboot, and then install them back again.

      Something correpted the network settings.
      To find out which program did that is a different issue with the details that you provided


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      Reply To: Error on loading os

      by trippin ·

      In reply to Error on loading os

      REinstall Novell and, uninstall using the novell uninstaller.

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