Error Performing Inpage Operation

By frey_wow ·
Hi All,

This is very critical issues arose today. I have Maxtor 200GB External Drive. Suddenly since today , while accessing some of the folders I am recieving "Error Performing Inpage Operation" error. These folder's contains very important data.

I can access some other folders on the same drive. So my guess is something wrong with file system. Please advice.
What are my choices of recovering data?? If I can then how ??

I appreciate your support.

Thank You

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re Error Performing....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Error Performing Inpage O ...

Google is your friend. Fixes abound all over the internet. It took 5 seconds to find the following:

First, read this article to explain what the error means. Note, it refers to Win2K, but the general information is the same.


Next, now that you understand what's wrong, I sure hope you've got a good backup of all your files, because the following is what you need to do. If your 'important' data is damaged, you'll be up a creek without backups. So.........

Assuming you've got WinXP, click START, click RUN and type "cmd" without the quotes. You'll be in command window - then type chkdsk [drive:] /F (such as - chkdsk e: /F) which should perform a repair of the drive. (NOTE: replace the 'e:' in the example with the drive letter of your external drive.) Wait for it to finish and close the command window once you've read the report of what it found.

If you're not running WinXP, how about telling us what you really have?

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You can also try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Error Performing Inpage O ...

If the data is valuable you should try this but it's expensive.

Ontrack Data Recovery


Lucky I looked before I posted as Thummy has provided a good tip with chkdsk.

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