Error: There is not enough memory available for this task..

By SteveCCC ·
So I just finished a clean install of Windows XP Pro on a machine and now every time I boot in either a profile or admin account I get the following error:

there is not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more programs to increase available memory, and then try again. (2)

The alert does not give what program is throwing the error it just says Windows Help at the title bar.

I know the memory is fine in the computer but still this comes up. Does anybody have any ideas what may be causing this error?

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by SystemCheck In reply to Error: There is not enoug ...

try and reinstall OS, hdd could be full or not enough ram or OS installed bad

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by SPC_TCOL In reply to Error: There is not enoug ...

Maybe you have bad RAM.

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2nd that...

by ---TK--- In reply to RAM

I would jump into the BIOS and make sure you have atleast 512MB's of RAM installed... well, make sure what the BIOS is reporting what is physically installed... meaning if you have two sticks of 512 that should = 1 Gig of RAM and POST should show that. But if you have 1 Gig, and POST is only showing 512, a stick is probably bad or needs to be reseated... or many many other things could be wrong... Post up if you need any more assistance, or more symptoms.

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This erro usually refers to a Pagefile problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Error: There is not enoug ...

When you "just finished a clean install of Windows XP Pro" was this, by any chance, ona computer that had recently had it's RAM increased? Or even altered?

I'd check what size of Pagefile this system has, and ALSO check which boot programs are showing up as having had an interrupted boot in the XP Event Viewer.

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More details on this....

by SteveCCC In reply to This erro usually refers ...

Well I wiped the computer because we got an error from Excel that said "Not enough memory to run Microsoft Office Excel. Please close other applications and try again."

Now I am well aware that two memory errors point to bad memory but prior to starting with the Excel error there were no issues like this. It is obviously possible the RAM just went bad however that Excel error is just starting to pop up on two other machines. So that's where I am currently. Oh I also changed the min pagefile MB to the reccomended. Same issue.

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I have always let

by Kenone In reply to More details on this....

windows manage the page file size, at least to start out with. I know every fanboy and his second cousin will come charging in claiming that they can do it better but for ease of diagnostics and peace of mind try it.
Also, right click "My Computer" and check what windows thinks it has for installed memory, does it agree with what you think is installed?

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Check the Event log

by Jacky Howe In reply to Error: There is not enoug ...

for errors, open Control Panel, open
Administrative Tools, open Event Viewer, look for recurring errors, double
click the error, the information contained within may give a clue as to the
source of the issue.

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Will try some of these and post if anything else happens

by SteveCCC In reply to Error: There is not enoug ...

I will try some of these suggestions and post if anything else happens. Thanks for all the help.

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Keep us

by Jacky Howe In reply to Will try some of these an ...

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