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    Error while archiving folder


    by twest ·

    Several of my workstations using Outlook 2000 or Outlook XP have recieved the following error message.

    Error while archiving folder “folder name” in store “Mailbox-Username”. Some items could not be copied. They were either moved or deleted, oraccess was denied.

    The following error occurs as well.

    Unable to update public free/busy data. Operation failed.

    I cannot see any related error messages in the logs on the server or on the workstations.

    We are using Exchange server v5.5 sp4 with Outlook 2000/XP clients. Can someone help me here?

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      Error while archiving folder

      by ann777 ·

      In reply to Error while archiving folder

      Be sure to compact any folders before moving data.

      Right Click on Outlook –> Properties –> Data Files –> Highlight and then click on Settings –> then click on Compact Now.

      The pointers sometimes get messed up and compacting will make sure that everything is pointing to the e-mails correctly.

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      Error while archiving folder

      by twest ·

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