error while opening excel file

By vaibhav_randev ·

I am getting two errors while opening excel file.

"7F4DCDE3.xls" could not be found. check the spelling of the file name and verify that the file location is correct.
If you are trying to open the file from your most recently used files........"

"errors were detected in opening "codingsheet.xls", but microsoft was able to open the file by making the repairs listed below.........
damage to the file was so extensive that repirs were not possible......."

Rest of the excel files open fine in my application but one.
The above error occurs only in few PCs.(standard image PC running Windows XP SP2 and MS Office 2003 SP3)

I have tried the below measures but none of them cud solve me problem...

1) unreg and rereg excel
2) editing regedit

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File Locations

by Bizzo In reply to error while opening excel ...

How are you opening the files?
Are the files where you think they are?
Have you tried going to the locationyou expect the files to be, and then double-clicking to open?

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I dont think I follow

by tintoman In reply to error while opening excel ...

It seems that you are being told that the files you are trying to open are damaged, do you have a reason to doubt that? I mean if you are unable to open them on "a few PCs" does that mean that you CAN open them on others?
If you can open all but one of your other files there doesn't seem to be a problem with Excel does there?

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file opens on other system

by vaibhav_randev In reply to I dont think I follow

yes i am able to open the files on other Pcs except the above mentioned configuration machine. The file is generated by the application when i click on button.
When i directly try to open the file then i get the above two error and when i first save the file and open it then i got the second error.
yes this is wat surprise me why i am having problem with only one file geneartion.If othe file can be opened then why not this?

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This may not be the problem, but I've seen the second error

by Deadly Ernest In reply to error while opening excel ...

message when I tried to open files in MS Office 2003. In each case the problem was because the original file had been created in a version of Word or Excel PRIOR to MS Office 97 - mostly in Excel 4 or Word for Windows 2a. The easy fix for me was to open the files in Open Office and use that to work on them. Later, I found MS had gotten around to creating some patch files to be applied to Office 2003 to allow them to open these files properly - the patches were NOT security patches and were not part of the automatic updates, you had to find them on the MS Website and download them. I have heard that some later Service Packs for MS Office 2003 did include them but I never followed that up.

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