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Error while reading FAT on C:

By HowardRoark ·
My daughter's computer froze up while on MSN MSGR. I got it going and cleaned out all the cookies, temp i'net files, docs, history etc. Rebooted and seemed ok. Next morning she logged on and froze again. I noticed she had deleted 23 files (mostly pics & audio) 132mb. Empty recycle bin was not an active option. I tried to delete manually and after a few min pause received "Disk write error, unable to write to drive c:" After shutting down and starting up again scandisk could not run or fix drive due to "Error reading FAT on drive C:" I tried booting from the startup disk & cd rom but no option to repair came up. Is their a way to repair the FAT without formatting and running FDISK?

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Error On C Drive

by sacrews In reply to Error while reading FAT o ...

First of all what Operating system are you using?

If it is win 98 then try to SCANREG /FIX through Dos screen or SCANREG /RESTORE. The scanreg option will restore you computer before you deleted all your files. If the scanreg option is really slow (last resort)try mbr /fdisk. This will repair the master boot record to normal. Then you can try the scanreg option.

If Win 2000 ty to do a Last Configuation by Pressing F8 during Boot up of computer.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Error while reading FAT o ...

you could try fdisk /mbr from a dos boot, this should recover the master boot record(and the FAT table), this has worked for me before on older w98 or older systems, however, am afraid I would say this is at your own risk type level. Looked it up on and they seem kinda dire on this one, "Backup all information from drive and re-format". MS said to use chkdsk /f for W2k. Try querying the knowledge base on Good luck.

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