error with drive after reinstall of windows xp pro

By nick_bushell ·
hi i am having a little probloem with my drives my primary is running great but my secondary isnt showing up in my computer i have checked the bios its fine there and i have checked in disk management in windows and it is there it shows the partition in my secondary and says it is active and healthy i have tried assigning a letter but it will not allow my to do anything but format but that will be my last resort as this drive was my back up so any info about this will be much apreciated thank you

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to error with drive after re ...

Make sure your chipset drivers are installed and the hdd drver

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all updated and more probs with it

by nick_bushell In reply to driver

yep iu have updated all drivers and i am still recieving an error i tried pluging in my hdd to another com and installing windows on it with out format and i got an error message saying windows xp is unable to recognize partition format so now im just trying to find a way to salvage the info but there is 50GB on it

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May be physical damage in HDD, use UBCD 3.4

by ismail_ngr In reply to all updated and more prob ...

Hi Nick,

I thought your HDD was damaged in the platters. So try to use UBCD 3.4 from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

1. First download the UBCD 3.4 from any mirror sites.

2. Burn to a CD-R media and connect only your faulty HDD in the PC and select boot order first from CDROM in your BIOS.

3. Then selct from Hard Disk tools menu from the UBCD 3.4. Most of HDD tools are loaded in the single CD.

4. If your problem are solved contribute few bucks on the UBCD project. If not reply be back. Thanks in advance.

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sound like a corrupted hdd

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to all updated and more prob ...

sound like a corrupted hdd,try another hdd

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