Errors on Boot - Recovering Files

By BorgInva ·
I rebooted my PC after getting some "out of memory" errors. Upon boot, all the PC wants to do is scroll and scroll "recovering orphaned file xxxxxxxxxxx". I rebooted as it was taking forever (I hope I lost nothing valuable). I tried to boot into SAFE MODE but I get BSOD telling me "image url.dll is corrupted". The same thing when I bypass the chkdsk XP wants to do on normal boot. I tried to boot into Recovery Console on the CD, but I get the same BSOD.

I can not enter Recovery Console or any of the Safe Modes due to this url.dll error.

Any way to boot back up?

Thank you.

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by BorgInva In reply to Errors on Boot - Recoveri ...

I need help....
I want to be able to at least know my personal data is good. My last backup was months ago and I have many new home videos added.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Errors on Boot - Recoveri ...

It sounds like a faulty ram module.Remove one module at a time and boot from one ram module.Whichever one causes the bsod is the faulty module.

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by BorgInva In reply to Ram

I do have 2 1G DDRs in there. One I just bought last month. I will try your suggesstion shortly.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to RAM

also make sure that they have the same operating speed eg:pc400

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Both are...

by BorgInva In reply to compatibility

Kingston 1024MB PC4200 533Mhz DDR2 Memory

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mother board

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Both are...

Are you sure your motherboard has compatability for 2gb?.Try with one ram module

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Set for 4G

by BorgInva In reply to mother board

This board can go up to 4G, and I have tried using each of the 1G RAMs by itself.

It has been running 1G for almost 2 years. I stuck the 2nd RAM in last month and all has been fine until yesterday's reboot.

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by BorgInva In reply to Ram

Last night I did use a bootable disk of Memtest86 and after 7 passes of steps 1-8, there were no errors.


I will be playing with the RAM soon.

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No Good.

by BorgInva In reply to Ram

Did not help. I tried putting each RAM in the main slot by itself. Still BSOD into url.dll error. Plus, hard drive power shuts down each time it bombs.

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Ok, I'll ask a dumb question...

by MomtoJustin In reply to No Good.

How about just reinstalling the OS over what you all ready have?

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