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Errors with USB 2.0 devices after installing XP SP2

By geminymphity ·
Solutions from a nonprofessional

1. USB Mouse will rarely work after rebooting when SP2 is installed. Neither switching usb ports, nor buying a new mouse, nor consulting the professionals at tech support websites (or Microsoft for that matter) for any useable advice make any difference. Current Workaround in place: Unplug it & plug it back in. Unplug it & plug it back in again. (Repeat this procedure (x) number of times while at the same time applying random mouse clicks/deskslams until mouse works.

2. Perfectly good operating Printer/Scanner combo (Dell) will not work when hooked up after SP2 is installed. Neither reinstalling drivers from CD, nor Downloading updated drivers or firmware from manufacturer, nor replacing cables, nor consulting professional IT tech sites (or Microsoft?s) for 'expert' advice result in the printer getting any recognition at all when attempting to install via add New Hardware wizard.



[MS ARTICLE 892050]: "A USB device that is connected to a USB 2.0 hub is not detected in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, or Windows Server 2003 x64 versions"

CAUSE: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 USB 2.0 driver causes an Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) specification violation.

RESOLUTION: (ahem) To resolve this problem immediately, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services telephone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


MY OPINION (warning, I'm not a professional, but it worked)

SOLUTION: Since installing SP2 caused the problem, then revert necessary files back to the SP1 (working) version.

After rebooting, the new hardware wizard will say it found new hardware. Normally, if you allowed it to automatically find the right files, it would take forever to search without finding the right files, and hardware will not be added. Instead, when new hardware wizard asks whether you want it to automatically search for files, don't let it. Do it manually.

Choose the device from the list then click 'have disk'. Browse to the folder on your C where all drivers are stored (not sure if this folder is the same or exists on PCS other than Dell but my folder is c:\I386). First, The wizard finds the necessary USB Controllers (i.e., "USB Composite Device,? "USB Printing Support") but when continuing, it warns you that the files have not passed some logo test thing from MS . . . continue installing anyway.

IMPORTANT: Each device will have at least ONE missing file that it cannot find (i.e., usbccgp.sys, usbprint.sys). Do a search of your C for this file name, and look at the detailed results for a folder having SP1 in the path. Point your Wizard to this folder for the requested file and VOILA! SUCCESS!

Once the USB controllers install a new (duplicate) device should show up (also with errors) in device manager. Follow the same steps to install drivers for these new devices and delete the original duplicate device from the list.


Note to IT PROFESSIONALS . . . please forgive my ignorance in not knowing the proper terminology. I came here seeking assistance which I did not find so am only offering help to others like me who can care less what the population of China is.

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