eSATA and Server 2003

By m61 ·
Just got a WD MyBook Home Edition (1 TB) simply because it had the eSATA connection because I want to do my backups to it. Except when I connect the MyBook to my Server 2003 box, it isn't recognized. According to WD, the Home Edition is not supported for Server 2003, but isn't eSATA a standard and thus it should work anyway? Any ideas?

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Explain not Recognized

by IC-IT In reply to eSATA and Server 2003

It doesn't appear in Disk Management?
It normally won't appear in My Computer until it has been formatted etc.
To verify Right-Click My Computer, Select Manage, Expand the tree and check DM.

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well, this is...

by m61 In reply to Explain not Recognized

...what I've been told - I haven't actually looked at it myself. From what I'm told, the Window's bubble that pops up when you plug in a new device doesn't show up. Haven't checked into Dist Management yet.

Turns out it might be the eSATA port as their old (smaller) external hard drive isn't recognized either.

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by OH Smeg In reply to eSATA and Server 2003

On what WD did to this. If they have decided not to allow the Home Version to work on a Windows Server they could have made the unit that way.

I would be surprised if they didn't actually as they get more money for the professional thing which is essentially the same thing, so if WD say that this will not work with Server I would suggest that as they make it and sell it, they would know best.


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i have...

by m61 In reply to Depends

...another home version (500GB) hooked up to SBS Server 2k3 via USB and it was recognized right away (granted it was FAT32, reformatted it to NTFS) and it has worked fine, never had a problem with it. This one is with eSATA.

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Do you think that just maybe

by OH Smeg In reply to i have...

Formatting the other drive removed some software that may have stopped it working there?

While eSATA is a Standard it doesn't them imply that everyone uses all of that standard and doesn't make changes to suit themselves, just like M$ does all the time.


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Been there

by scott In reply to eSATA and Server 2003

I had a very similar situation. WD does not support that drive enclosure in a server environment. I ended up buying a generic enclosure and swapping the drive from one case to the other (since I had past to point of returning it). It worked fine after that on my 2003 and my 2008 servers. It's a WD thing. If your going to 2008, beware. My Dell R300 server was very picky about which esata card I used. Lots of RAID conflicts before I found the right one and it still wont let me safely remove my drive without locking up.

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