eSATA - how to connect from case to MB?

By Goldenbarstewart ·
The new case I have has an eSATA port on the front - I notice that this is connected inside to a what looks like a standard SATA cable which I assume is to be attached to the MB. I assumed this cable is to be plugged into a SATA port on the MB but when that is done, the computer hangs (nothing is attached to the external case eSATA input.) Should the MB have a special port for an external eSATA device to be connected, or is the standard SATA connector used?

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Don't attach it to the first connector.

by seanferd In reply to eSATA - how to connect fr ...

The machine may be trying to boot off the wrong SATA port. Make sure the boot drive is always connected to port 0.

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RE: Should the MB have a special port for an external eSATA

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to eSATA - how to connect fr ...

No they do not but I always attach these E SATA Leads to the Last SATA Connector on the M'Board most defiantly as stated above never the first.

The only time I don't attach to the Highest Connector is when the M'Board only supports RAID in some form and then I use a Plug in SATA Card in an available PCI or better socket, depending on what the M'Board has.

You may need to read the M'Board manual to find out how the SATA Connectors are numbered.


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eSATA ports

by philldmc In reply to eSATA - how to connect fr ...

If not mistaken most eSATA ports should only be plugged into a SATA port that support hot plug and play. Higher end mother boards usually come with a eSata port in the back. I would double check the manual on which internal port, if any, support hot swap for proper eSata connection.

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by mulder.erwin In reply to eSATA - how to connect fr ...

esata stands for external sata, you will normally find this connections only external. sata cables which have an L shape are used internally. If you don't know what you are doing do not disconnect sata cables if there are already connected, if you mix them up probably you will have to tell you computer through the bios with what disk to start up.

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