essential, desirable or cosmetic information

By cbdot ·
The mortgage department of a housing development company wishes to calculate the monthly payments for each applicant, based on his/her life expectancy and the amount of money to be borrowed by the applicant.

for any five pieces of information on the applicant listed below, specify whether the information is essential, desirable or cosmetic for calculating the applicant's monthly mortgage payment. Justify your selection.

1. Name of applicant
2. Current contact information
3. Date of birth
4. Picture of the applicant
5. Medical Records
6. Model of Housing Unit Selected
7. Preferred Location
8. Cost of unit

PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE answer this question for me. I have exams next week and this is a question that i found under a topic that my teacher never taught me. i do not know how to answer the question and i fear that a question like this may be on my exam, please assist and give any other information u can on this topic because i cannot find any information on the internet.

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Guess you've learned a valuable lesson....

Don't skip class, don't sleep through class, and read the text books.
You're on your own now, time to put on your grown-up undergarments and
remove the Pampers Pullups. From the Q&A FAQ:

Can the TechRepublic community help me with my homework? Back to Top
Don't post homework questions.Those questions are for you to work out, so that you'll learn from the experience. It's okay to ask for hints but not for entire solutions.

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Reponse To Answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Guess you've learned a va ...

Bad Bad Wiz,

The OP here clearly said that their teacher never taught them this and that they have no idea how to answer it. I would not say that they have skipped a class or two or even slept through several classes or even failed to read their text books.

Here they completely failed to attend a single Class, didn't get the Text Books because they felt the money was better spent on Party time, Beer, Drugs of their own choice or whatever and other than paying for the course which is most likely on Account of them paying back the fees when they pass and get a High Paying Job that they have contributed absolutely no money to the actual course at all.

Now just how difficult could it be to work out the answer to this question with even a modicum of common sense?

for any five pieces of information on the applicant listed below, specify whether the information is essential, desirable or cosmetic

But the OP here has numbered 8 pieces of information so I'm assuming that they can not even count or for that matter comprehend the question.


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Reponse To Answer

by cbdot In reply to Guess you've learned a va ...

i did not miss class or sleep in class. i attend all my classes and have the required textbook that my school told me to get but i cannot find any information on the topic. i have been trying to get information and since i found none, i figured that i would come here and ask, my bad for not wanting to fail my exams. i do not understand why you guys have to be so mean about it.

& also the question said for ANY five, hence i can choose five from the list of eight. do not try to make me look stupid when you are the one who misunderstood the question. if you were not going to answer i don't understand why you wasted your time to comment.

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Reponse To Answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Guess you've learned a va ...

Well look at the question.

Which are absolutely necessary?

Things like the Clients/Customers Name Address and other details most defiantly would be wouldn't they? After all they prove that they are who they say they are.

Then Would it be necessary to have details of what it is that they want to borrow the money to buy? The value & Physical location as apposed to the cost of that item sort would be kind of necessary wouldn't it?

Then after you loan the money what good would it do a company to find out that the client has MS hasn't worked in 25 years and can not work again ever?

Whenever any business loans money they need to know that who they are giving the money to is actually who they say they are, is working and can pay it back wouldn't they?

If you really did attend every class you have failed to comprehend any of it because you need to think about questions like this and as you obviously can not think outside what you have been told you will be useless to any business.

Sorry that you are attending a Degree Factory where you pays your money and gets your degree without the need to think of anything at all and are completely useless to any business. That question was quite easy to understand and I'm not even in the Financial Industry Everything listed is Vital to have to prove Identity and the Ability to repay the loan.

Just think about what it is you are asking. Besides here we do not answer Homework questions when the person asking should be able to work things out for themselves. We simply do not like Cheats and that is exactly what it is you are doing by asking questions like this how can I get my degree without comprehending the course.

If I was your teacher here I would be failing you immediately and with 3 Ph D's after my name I sort of feel strongly about this because I had to work for each and every one of those degrees I didn't have any idiot hand them to me on a silver plate and I had no expectation of getting any of them when I started the Post Grad work.


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Reponse To Answer

As Col says, you SHOULD have been able to determine those answers IF
you had indeed attended class and had an understanding of the course
you are taking. FWIW---I took a beginning real estate class as an elective
during my college years (a number of years ago), and this type of question
sounds very familiar. I worked hard for my degree and license, if your
education is to be worth anything to you, I suggest you do the same.
Not everything can be found on the internet, sometimes the individual
needs to demonstrate their intelligence and grasp of the subject matter.
You have failed in this regard...I forecast a failing grade in this class
barring SIGNIFICANT effort between now and exam time!
I'm not being "mean", just realistic.

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Reponse To Answer

by cbdot In reply to Guess you've learned a va ...

you two can **** off now. the other users did not answer the question for me but they assisted me in finding the answer myself. you spent your time being assholes when you could have just shut up or answered my question. Since you have your 3 PHDs why not come the **** off the internet, nagging people and go do something constructive, for example passing on some of your knowledge and assisting people?! such a complete asshole.

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you're over thinking the scenario

by databaseben In reply to essential, desirable or c ...

you're probably over thinking the problem and the instructor did provide you with the knowledge to make your brain do a little thinking.

you simply haven't been able to put all the pieces together but its unclear as to why.

but clearly, you need to figure the relationship between the unknown factors in your list, ie a cost(number), a person(who) and a thing(what). if there is a (why), then it is irrelevant.

basically the fundamental question is what values are necessary to calculate the number and which do not calculate numbers because they are text / references, ie who & what.

so what you need to do is to give values to the unknown factors in your list. these are theoretical values, just like using algebra or other mathematical equations.

once you have replaced the unknown factors with values, you should be able to figure out which ones are required to compute numbers and which cannot be for computations.

as for the values that do not compute numbers, they are used to tie/refer/link the number to a person or thing.

for example, which remaining values are imperative to tie the number to the person or the thing. (i'm not telling you which ones are they)

then which values are nice to have to further tie the calculation to a person or thing "or" maybe the remaining values tie a person to a thing and not the number.

something that real life experience has shown you yet is that is all about:

who owes how much and not what for.

good luck!

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Reponse To Answer

by cbdot In reply to you're over thinking the ...
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Sucker Punch

by a.portman In reply to essential, desirable or c ...

I am going to assume you are on the up and up although I usually do not help with homework.

4. Picture of the applicant
5. Medical Records

Both of these are lawsuit invitations or possibly illegal to ask. Also, information is either required or not. Anything else is either a waste of everyone's time or a lawsuit invitation.

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Reponse To Answer

by a.portman In reply to Sucker Punch

Cutting down to 5
1. Name of applicant (actually 3 by itself)
2. Current contact information (more than 5 by itself)
3. Date of birth (needed to verify applicant)
6. Model of Housing Unit Selected (maybe)
7. Preferred Location (need this)
8. Cost of unit (really need this)

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