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    Essentialy I want a wireless switch

    by wolve01com ·


    I need to get a switch in my room for various ethernet only devices, but the router is all the way on the otherside of the house. I can NOT run a cable from the router to my room, NOR can I move the router (I live in my parents house, and my dad wont let me do either of those things). If anyone can tell me where to get one (If they exist) or another way to recive wifi and transmit it on as ethernet.

    ALSO the device I want to connect to ethernet does NOT have a way to put in the wifi password, so I the solution itself needs to either not need the password, or can have the password inputed to it.

    ANY help would be GREATLY appriciated ??

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      WLAN Bridging

      by marijn2 ·

      In reply to Essentialy I want a wireless switch

      What you want to do is create a wireless bridge.

      You’ll need the following:
      – Accesspoint that supports Wireless Bridging
      – An ordinary switch
      – UTP cable(s)
      – Basic understanding of configuring devices

      You’ll need to connect your AP to your existing WLAN and connect the switch to it’s port. You now have extended your existing network to your ‘Wireless switch’.

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      DDWRT and Wireless Bridging

      by sam.chaosdesign ·

      In reply to Essentialy I want a wireless switch

      The best solution that i have seen and used is to get a Linksys WRT54G and loading a custom firmware called DDWRT, This process for the most part is painless, DDWRT supports many different hardware Routers. Configuration is easy and there is plenty of documentation to help if you get stuck, then you just need to connect cables and your done.

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