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    Establish a network connection


    by efioj ·


    We have three separate offices which are separated. We want to connect these offices for transfering data via networks. Furthermore, each office has Internet connection.

    One of the offices has sub branches which need network connection and share Internet connection from the main office.

    How can we do such design for well organized data transfer from and to?


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      To propose a design, requires more information.

      by joe.munoz ·

      In reply to Establish a network connection

      1. What type of interned connections does each office have. modem, DSL, other?
      2. You have 3 offices, how many workdstations(PC’s) in each office?
      3. Are more PC’s planned for each office, and how many?
      4. How far are the offices from each other?
      5. One office has sub sites. Hoe many?
      6. What is the quanity of PC’s in each subsite?

      7. What type of computers are in place at these branches?
      8. What type of operating systems are in place noe, Microsoft, Linux, IBM…?
      9. Which office will be the main location.
      10. Are there any LAN lines in place?

      Awiating Your Reply

      Joe Munoz, ACS – DST.

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