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Establish an IT governance committee

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Do you agree with Ramon Padilla Jr. that an IT governance committee can help streamline the IT project funding process? What experiences do you have with these kind of committees? What advantages and disadvantages do you think they offer? Share yourcomments about the pros and cons of an IT governance committee, as featured in the April 8 edition of the Government IT e-newsletter.

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It is required for ICT sector companies!

by areets In reply to Establish an IT governanc ...

Such organisations make use of multiple technologies hence based on my 5-strand IT governance; it is capable of optimally building, supporting and maintaining the governance platform. I have published a short article on the subject of governance in relation to the EC and this sector - On my site you can navigate to Consumers' Eye. I am in progress of attempting to write my first book on the ?IT governance for the ICT sector?. 15 years Professional IT experience shows that the Cons of putting inplace IT governance, for example, would be its bad implementation. Its benefits can be illustrated showing that its Pros out-weight by far the Cons. Converging into a 5-strand IT governance allows business and technology implementation to merge seamlessly, allowing for individual empowerment. It can greatly improve departmental morale and substantially reduce costs and bring efficiency in technology use.

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It is required for ICT (cont.)

by areets In reply to It is required for ICT se ...

IT governance has been placed in many organisations in the form of committees. Its impact when only used to guide and streamline projects success by pin-pointing financial markers and milestones, achieve project objectives, but more than ever the negative impact to the infrastructure?s and human resources? overall quality have increased . IT governance should be applied as an integrated process and a company-wide initiative and integration to truly reap its rewards. In other words, the focal merge is business and IT. With greater focus on bring together human resource capacity, project planning to product delivering,; converging applicative processes like change management and workforce productivity focused seeking to stimulate, motivate and reward based on streamlining the effectiveness of technology would offer the alignment of the business through a series of carefully planned implementation.

So can we just implement an IT governance committee in part to accomplish a better effectiveness on project funding, I think yes, but nothing close to what it can achieve as a company-wide initiative.


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Governance or Nusance

by djbTGG In reply to Establish an IT governanc ...

A governance committe is a good concept. However, it frequently results in bolstering the power politics of the office. Those departments that hold the power will be of greater influence than others. The proletariat directors will not be able to "sell" their proposal with the backing of the powerful and many critical projects may fall through the cracks. Additionally, this committee approach frequently views projects from a pure "bottom line" or ROI approach. The Executive branch and CIO need to recognize these situations and exert their presence to ensure worthwhile (poorly sold) and less profitable projects are not lost in the power struggle. The CIO may also want to pull critical architecture upgrades away from this vote oriented approach and address as a separate component of the committee.

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