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    Establishing a network for gamers


    by malmanea ·

    recently I’ve many ideas about starting a business but finally I got one in my mind its not new but I would like to disucess it with you. the business about opening a lab for gamers like playing onlines games or games on network together.
    so, if anyone know how to start by how to choose the specifications of the computers and the networks.

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      Well first thing is you should have placed this as a question

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Establishing a network for gamers

      That way you would get auto generated notifications every time that someone responds.

      But in answer to your question it all depends on what Games you intend to support.

      If it is a General Gamers Room the newest fastest hardware so I would imagine High End Vista computers connected with a Gigabyte LAN locally with a Fiber Backbone and a T1 or Better Internet Connection for On Line Gaming.

      So Quad Core CPU, 4 GIG or better or RAM, 1 GIG Video Card or better, SATA 2 HDD’s would be the minimum for the stations and Server 2008 running on a Dual Quad Core M’Board or better with as much RAM as can be fitted and 15 K RPM SCSI Drives or a Stripped Raid Array with SATA 2 Drives.

      While Vista will not support a lot of older games that are in use it does support Direct X 10 natively which will allow for all new games to be used to their full capacity.


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        Advertise at schools and colleges

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Well first thing is you should have placed this as a question

        They are your biggest customer base.

        Give good discounts for quantity purchases of time slots. Sure, you make less per hour per system, but an empty system generates ZERO revenue.

        Have different rates for off hours.

        Pay attention to the school schedules. Days there are no classes, make sure your open and they know it. A great “babysitter” option for kids 10 and up.

        Show a breakdown for parents on how much a gaming system runs (if purchased by Dell or the like), plus the cost of a few games.

        Break that down and they will see it would take YEARS for them to generate the same expense coming to your place a few times a week instead of having to buy the systems.

        We recently had a local place and I sent my twin boys there all the time. He is out of business because he didn’t keep the systems filled. he wasn’t open when school was out and didn’t give any kind of quanty purchase that made it more affordable to be there enough to make it a habbit.

        Also, run “lock-in” lan parties. They sell out months in advance, especially during times when adults are looking to go out and party late, like New Years.

        Allowing people to rent the whole place for overnight parties also is a great idea. I talked the guy into renting the place when my boys turned 14.

        Sell your energy drinks and non-greasy snacks too.

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        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Well first thing is you should have placed this as a question

        Consider projectors and screens so those who aren’t actively playing can see what others are doing. I believe a local movie theater hosts birthday parties and uses one of the screens to show the action.

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      Appreciation for every one ..

      by malmanea ·

      In reply to Establishing a network for gamers

      Thanks a lot for every one who reply. its really rich information from each one. Again I’m really happy seeing the replies.


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