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    ESXi – Showing 8GB RAM only


    by mkearney ·

    Hi Guys – so I trying to configure my SuperMicro X7DBR server to run vmware esxi. I was able to install it with no problem at all except that it does not display all of my RAM’s. I have 16GB installed but esxi it’s only showing 8gig. Is there a bios setting that i need to set prior to installing esxi? My hardware again is a Supermicro X7DBR with 2 Intel Xeon 5130 @ 2GHz with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SATA disk.


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      by mkearney ·

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      Take out 8gb of ram..

      by Anonymous ·

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      Then see what it shows.
      Have you updated the bios yet?.
      If not then this is a wise option to do.
      When done you should be able to load on the other 8gb of ram, as long as the ram in question are of the same make/speed and are EEC.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        You are awesome!

        by mkearney ·

        In reply to Take out 8gb of ram..

        I removed 8GB and ESXi showed 8GB but when I placed the RAM’s back – it still showed 8GB. So I took out 12GB and the BIOS and ESXi showed 4GB and when I replaced everything back – 16 GB is all there. Thank you very much!!

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