Ethernet and Networking Problem Solving

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So, recently, my family update our internet. The router was moved to the main floor of the house, but my PC is in the basement. I can't move the PC or run any wires through the walls, but also need fast speeds. If I were to go wireless, I would need to go through 3 concrete walls and a floor. I really don't know what to do at this point o get internet as fast as I would like (250+ Mb/s). Our current router outputs about 1 Gb/s if connected via Ethernet. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Internet Problem Solving

by ashleyrosa239 In reply to Ethernet and Networking P ...

Hi EvllTellportist,
I just read out your query. Seems like you-you have updated the whole house as you made some changes in the house.
So it's nice that you also updated your internet.
To solve your problem, first, answer me some things.
Are you using Spectrum internet service?
If the answer is yes, then you should contact the customer support for further help. As per your concern about internet speed,
there is no need to worry, as they provide an excellent speed that is sufficient enough for the whole family. Their package starts at 100mb/s but that is the minimum speed you get. You must have higher speed now as you updated your internet.
So all you do is to contact with the customer service so they will place your system at your favorite spot without any
an interruption in internet speed.

But if you are not using their services, then my advice is to you to move on quickly. As other companies will charge you more
for this shifting. Also, it may cause a slow speed on the internet. So you may face embarrassment and you can miss the many things that you never want to. Changing your provider will help you save money that you are spending a lot right now. And one thing, no need to worry about your previous contract. They will
buy out your contract for you. So you can easily move on.
Hope that it will help to solve your problem!
For more information visit to link:

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