Ethernet and router connect but no web access?

By pwc5003 ·
Yesterday I had reset my router to change the settings. However I have since been unable to access the internet when renewing the settings.

I have already with the wireless router:
- unplugged and replugged it in.
- called tech support from my ISP.
- tried accessing the internet by resetting the router to default settings.
- pinged to my router through the wireless successfully but not with websites.

I have repeated the same steps minus calling the ISP with another router to no avail.

I have been able to access websites through direct connection from ethernet to wall.

My ISP tells me that the router is defective and they are sending me a new one. However, I feel that it cannot be the router because it was working fine until I reset the setttings. The same goes with my other router which has been in storage for a few months.

I had the router in storage hooked up to the internet with the original settings from when I had it hooked up to Comcast cable before resetting several times but to no avail. There also has not been any power or lightning surges to suggest short circuiting.

I am testing on:

Windows XP from an intel mac
Verizon Fios ISP
D Link DI 624 router (first router in question)
Linksys WRT54G router (router from storage)

If you could provide any insights, suggestions, solutions, etc, I'd be very appreciative as I can't believe both routers would be fried.

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Since you <i>reset</i> it...

by seanferd In reply to Ethernet and router conne ...

Have you re-entered the username and password for your ISP account into the router interface?

Cable from router to wall is good?

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It's possible

by pwc5003 In reply to Since you <i>reset</i> it ...

I haven't reentered the username and password. I'd have to get that info from them because I have no clue where that is. Would that be a likely possibility for this ISP? I've never had to do that with Comcast.

The cable is fine. I use the same one to directly connect into the mac's ethernet port.

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by pwc5003 In reply to It's possible

Verizon shipped the new router overnight so I just setup the new one not too long ago. It's a new model so hopefully it'll have better range/longevity than the old one.

Thank you very much for your reply. Everything is set now =)

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