Ethernet Cable issues

By ZedsDead1997 ·
I just installed a new graphics card on my PC, and afterwards am having trouble connecting to the internet. I understand that these two things should have nothing in common, but that is the only change I’ve made to my PC before having this issue. My PC says that my Ethernet adapter is “experiencing driver or hardware related problems”.
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Used a workaround to fix the issue

by ZedsDead1997 In reply to Ethernet Cable issues

Assuming the issue was a hardware problem, I bought myself a $15 network adapter, essentially giving myself a second port for my Ethernet cable. This new port worked, which tells me that when I installed the graphics card, I must’ve somehow damaged the pre-installed Ethernet port. Thank you everyone for your answers!

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Well depending on the OS you are using it is possible that the Video Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ethernet Cable issues

Has taken the Address of the Network and is causing the thing not to work. You'll need to go into Settings and check the Hardware Addresses and ideal change the Network Address only leave the Video Card alone as if you stop that working it gets difficult to make any changes when you can not see what you are doing.

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Graphic Card Doesn't Cause Internet Problem

by Naheed Mir In reply to Ethernet Cable issues

Yes, you have mentioned it right that inserting a graphic card can't cause internet connectivity issues. Although, you should have tried to update your chipset drivers before implementing a graphic card. Try this out,

1. Delete your previous chipset drivers.
2. Update them.
3. Reinsert your Graphic card.

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