Ethernet cable on a wifi repeater?

By Ryan Lim ·
Hi! I hope someone could help me out on this because I'm having a problem with my wifi signal as it barely reaches my room where my desktop is. Moving the modem/router isn't an option and so is drilling a hole to let an ethernet cable through. I stumbled upon Comfast CF-WR613N V3 wireless broadband router which, based on the seller, is a wifi repeater. I don't have knowledge about this and would like to ask if I will be able to just plug and play and have a short ethernet cable connect the repeater and my desktop? Or should I just buy a longer ethernet cable which would cost me more than the repeater?
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Re: repeater

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Ethernet cable on a wifi ...

The common solution is not using Wifi, but a using a set of powerline adaptors. Plug one in near the router, plug the other one in near your desktop, and you have an Ethernet connection.

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I must ask the following.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Ethernet cable on a wifi ...

Here I can get a near 100 Meter cable for 34 US dollars at

No 34 dollar repeater would be worth buying.

Any chance of the usual solution of a powerline kit? Maybe a powerline kit w/WiFi?

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New problem arises

by Ryan Lim In reply to I must ask the following.

I didn't buy a powerline kit as that cost way more so I bought an ethernet cable. Now, my desktop is connected to the internet. The problem is, my desktop can't see my wireless printer. My mobile phone can see my printer and other wireless devices and I tried to cast videos from my pc to the TV but it can't also see my TV which is also connected via wifi.

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