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    Ethernet Cables


    by tazz007 ·

    Which cable is better to use, a patch cable or crossover cable to connect a pc to a router

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      It depends on what you are doing here

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Ethernet Cables

      But generally you use a Patch Cable to join a computer to a Hub/Switch or whatever and a Crossover Cable to join 2 computers together.

      The different cables do different things and are used for different reasons.

      It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve wasted a day messing around with a dead terminal or network because someone has inserted a Crossover cable into a critical area of the network without telling anyone.


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        Red Crossovers

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to It depends on what you are doing here

        We’ve a strict rule that all crossovers must be red. Patch cables can be any other color EXCEPT red. It prevents accidentally using one by mistake.

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