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    ethernet card


    by wlkrfam ·

    I need to know if there is a updated driver for my ethernet card for windows xp?

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      an easy way to find out if there are approved new drivers for XP is to visit the windows update site. Open Internet Explorer and select Windows Update from the Tools menu. make sure your XP firewall is on. (see XP Help). Allow it to Scan for updates and see if there is a new driver in the Drivers section. While you are there i suggest you apply any Critical Updates offered, and also browse thru the Recommended Updates. See if any look of value to you. if you don’t understand them, just leave that for now. The update process can take quite awhile…
      meanwhile, why do you ask this? are you having trouble? check Device Manager or Network Properties and let us know the model of the NIC you have…and any problems…

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      by thechas ·

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      You need to identify the manufacture and model of the card, and go to the manufactures web page.

      There usually is a support, drivers, or download link.
      From there, you find your card, and check what drivers are available.


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      by udaya_npt ·

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      In the windows xp operating system,you no need to install its driver because it automaticaly detects and installs the driver software for your
      hardware (ether net card)

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