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    Ethernet connection not sharing internet over multiple Windows/applications

    by sparrosio ·


    Internet problems, Ethernet connection used but only on one window or app at a time? For example, if I’m playing a game, the internet will only ‘decide’ to use internet for either the game, or let’s say discord for talking to my friends, when looking in resource monitor, all of the Ethernet is essentially on one or the other, with a tiny amount given to the other

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      So what OS is in use here?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Ethernet connection not sharing internet over multiple Windows/applications

      Also what is the hardware and the software you are using and what exactly is happening?

      To get a specific answer on such an open question will take weeks if we knew everything but as we don’t even know if this is a Computer or a Games System it is currently Unanswerable.

      The best I can suggest if this is some form of Windows System is that all software was installed before the Network Drivers and that has somehow adversely impacted on the software gaining Network Access. The only answer to that is reload the system fully with all Drivers and then when it is working install whatever software you want to run and it should be fine.

      If it’s some sort of Gaming System I have no idea of what is happening or what has caused it.

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        OH Smeg,

        by sparrosio ·

        In reply to So what OS is in use here?

        It’s a Windows PC, and the problem is relatively new. It only occurs with Ethernet, and essentially if I’m on one application that uses internet (ie discord), if I wanted to go on a game that requires internet too (ie Warzone), I’ll either lose the connection on discord and I’ll get it for Warzone, or it will only stay on Discord. My Ethernet has been perfectly fine before, however we put in a new router setup, but I’m unsure as to if that’s the problem or perhaps it’s the Ethernet itself.
        Im using a power line adapter, my apologies for not mentioning that sooner.

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          Still could be almost anything

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to OH Smeg,

          But as it is new I would start with what has changed.

          Could be the router if nothing else has changed but I would be thinking new software as the most likely cause as the Network should be available to anything that asks for it on that system.

          The most obvious thing to think about is something has interfered with Network Security so if anything has been loaded to improve security that is were I would start looking but equally it just as easily could have been a Windows Update which has screwed up the ability to get a network connection on different software, 10 had a couple of bad updates two or three months ago which caused lots of problems.

          Attempting to Roll Back to a previous Restore Point may prove useful but then again may not. Yes I know not much help but I’ve never had a great deal of success with Restore Points in Windows they’ll fix something and break others in my experience.

          Hope that is of some help.

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