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Ethernet Crossover Cable Network (help!)

By zach_tully ·
I have a crossover cable and two computers i want to connect.. and the cable is hooked up but i cant figure out what else i have to do.
Both computers are running win 98.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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RE: Ethernet Crossover Cable Network

by snelson In reply to Ethernet Crossover Cable ...

Since both of your computers are connected to one another via a crossover cable and they are runnin Windows 98 all you need to do is go into the network option under the control panel on both computers and add the following protocols and services. You need the following: Client for Microsoft Networks, NetBEUI, and TCP/IP (if you want your computers to access the internet if you have an internet connect capable of doing this like either cable, or DSL.) The last step to make the computers see one another is make sure the workgroup is the same on both of the computers. This is done under the identification tab of the network setup under the control panel, and of course the computers will need to have different names. If you are trying toget both computers on the internet, talk with you ISP (Internet Serive Provider) and make sure this is possible

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RE: Ethernet...

by brandonh In reply to RE: Ethernet Crossover Ca ...

You only need TCP/IP if you want to talk to something on the Internet. If the two systems are isolated, simply install NetBEUI and file & printer sharing. Set each computer's name to something unique and like snelson stated above, set the workgroups to be identical.

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other choices

by k2 In reply to RE: Ethernet...

Remember, the crossover cable will only work if you want to connect two, and only two, machines. If you decide you want to share an internet connection, it's not going to work. Your best solution is to buy a small hub (dirt cheap these days, 30 bucks or so), use regular patch cables, and have the added capabilities to plug in another machine or a cable/dsl modem.

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Crossover Cable

by rrussell110 In reply to Ethernet Crossover Cable ...

Provided that your cable is certified as a cross-over, make sure that 'File & Printer sharing" is checked in the Network applet in Control Panel( or right click on network neighborhood->properties) Also install Client for MS networks. Static IPs should be bound to the NICs in TCP/IP properties also subnet masks. It should look like this:-->
0 IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway _____________ Blank.
After rebooting go into Explorer and right click on the 'C' drive, click on sharing and share the drive. Same for other PC. After that, go into Network neighborhood and you will see the both PCs and click on one and you will see the shares you created...the 'C' drive.

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More options...ics

by seann In reply to Crossover Cable

Everything that has been said so far is good. If you are running windows 98 SE on one of the computers you can share your internet connection with the second computer (one with out 98 Second Edition). Go into control panel...add/remove setup...internet. Check internet connection sharing and reboot. It automatically changes your ip information. Just put the same info for subnet and ip in your second computer (changing the last digit of the ip). It will ask you to create a ics disk for clients. Use this to setup the other machine. Then onto the internet

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Opps, forgot...

by seann In reply to More options...ics

You don't need ip settings for the second machine. The deal with ics is that it acts as a dhcp server. You leave the settings on the second machine to automatically detect everything.

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And to do that you.....

by daveains In reply to Opps, forgot...

go into Network Neighborhood properties on the second machine and set the TCPIP>whatever network card you're using on that machine) properties to "automatically obtain IP address" under the IP tab and "DHCP" under the Wins tab. You can also checkthe "default protocol" box under Advanced tab. Hit ok, exit, and you should be good from there. Best of luck!

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Ethernet Crossover Cable Network

by yatish In reply to Ethernet Crossover Cable ...

use lan card and with plug-in play faci u win 98 auto assign the lan card config.
afeter restart pc it will work as u want.

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