ethernet interface on cisco 1841 router

By rexq ·
can the 2 inbuilt ethernet interfaces on the cisco 1841 router be configured as ethernet WAN connection? i.e one ethernet interface for internal LAN and the other Ethernet interface for WAN connecting a canopy dish(bridge) at both ends of the 1841 routers and networking them?? is this possible?

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re: ethernet interface on cisco 1841 router

by michael In reply to ethernet interface on cis ...

I'm not sure I follow. Is the connection to the dish Ethernet? What do you mean "at both ends of the 1841 routers" - is there more than one router? Is this what you're doing:

LAN <== Fa1 1841 Fa0 ==> DISH

If the dish is using an Ethernet interface, I don't see why it shouldn't work. If the addressing coming from the dish is DHCP-assigned, you just have to configure your dish-side Ethernet and default route properly. Is that what you're after?


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router configuration

by castles_22 In reply to re: ethernet interface on ...

can the fast ethernet ports 0/1 and 0/0 support both ipv4 and ipv6 transition simultaneously

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3640 Router using 2 ethernets only

by denloe In reply to router configuration

I have a Cisco 3640 router that I am trying to make work with only 2 fast ethernet WICs. I want one to connect to the WAN and the other to work as the LAN but I'm having issues. I can't get the routes right or something. Teaching myself Cisco so not entirely sure how to setup the default routes for the 2 so it will work. Any advice would be appreciated on that.

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Message has been deleted.

by gray.eric In reply to ethernet interface on cis ...

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