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Ethernet LAN Design Proposal

By mikeodur ·
Anyone knows how to write one

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by jthibodeau In reply to Ethernet LAN Design Propo ...

I would try to search google and see what others have written. This way you can gather ideas.

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You must be joking.

by tbragsda In reply to Ethernet LAN Design Propo ...

I really have to ask, are you serious? This question is so vague. If you are serious, please ask some more detailed questions. Im sure many would be happy to help.

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In short...

by TomBer In reply to Ethernet LAN Design Propo ...

Basically, it's a list of all the materials : cables, switches, patch panels, routers, wall plates, connectors, etc... you think are needed in order to setup the LAN that you are suggesting.
You might want to suggest a few specific makes and models for each item.

You also include a plan of the LAN to show : where you will pass the cables from point A to point B, where the wall plates will be placed, show where the PC's, routers, switches will be placed.

It's an easy thing to do but very time consuming and fastidious.

Add in simplified technical notes as to why you chose that design over an other.

Once it's done, the "client" has to be able to understand what you are proposing. Always consider the "client" as ignorant of all tech.

Hope it helps,

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And also

by jdclyde In reply to In short...

Don't forget to make sure there is enough electrical outlets everywhere there MAY AT SOME TIME BE equipment.

Also, figure on when running your cables to leave what is called a "service coil". This is extra cable in case you have to move where the cable goes to. It should be able to reach the furthest part of the room.

Figure how many lines you NEED to run, then double it. Cable is cheap compaired to having to go back later and run new cable because a cable goes bad or they need to plug in more equipment.

The forward thinking will save them a lot of time and money down the line. NEVER build to just run what they have now.

This drives me nuts having to go behind people and add to network because the designer was too lazy or incompetent to do the job correctly the first time.

Do a google search on LAN Wiring and a ton of good links come up.

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it helps to tell us what kind of client we are looking at here

by degwell In reply to In short...

it would really help if you told us whether it was for a school library or a hospital, govt please be more elaborate

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List of materials

by tbragsda In reply to In short...

1000' Thicknet coaxial cable
1/client VampireTap
1/floor Bridge
Several Repeater signal booster


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