Ethernet Mappings

By Jon ·
Trying to map out some wiring that is not labeled nor are there diagrams for anything. Wondered if anyone has ever attempted to use built in commands on procurve and cisco switches combined with MS DNS server to get a relative map of where wires are going. I have a basic seating chart of who is where and what computer names are located in specific areas. What I plan to do unless someone has a better idea:

1.)Using Putty because you can trail commands and println's till you close the app. This enables me to copy output to text files relatively easily.

2.)Collect ARP-Port-Module-IP information using standard commands in terminal within putty. Saving these output to text to import into excel. This give me the ability to sort by various information.

3.)Export DNS/DHCP to text from windows sever. Import this information into excel as well.

4.)Manipulate duplicate information, sort data into Port-->MAC-->IP-->Machine Name. From this I can compare against a map, and hopefully aid in tasks to map the wiring infrastructure a little bit quicker.

If anyone has had some experience in scenarios such as this and you wrote a script or something similar to help you out let me know. Even if you might have an idea on something that I could add to this I'd appreciate it.

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DHCP reservations

by oldbaritone In reply to Ethernet Mappings

It takes a while to build, but once a reservation table is built, it's a lot like static IP's.

Assign IP's on your map in whatever way makes sense for you application.

Keep one block of addresses for "Unknown machines" and you can use ipsec to restrict what can be done before the new machine is coordinated into the map.

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by Jon In reply to DHCP reservations

DHCP reservations really aren't going to help me here. I'm not defining addressing schemes within DHCP, I'm looking to take a physical site map of office's, building's, and other areas with computer systems and reverse engineering the information from module-port-mac-ip-dns to create a visual understanding of what wires are going where. Excel/Access are my choices to work with the data in order to create a structure that I can work with. This is basically a task to label the entire network from switch to patch panel to 66 etc.. I just need to know where everything is at so I can take the CAD layouts, import into Visio, and label the entire building wiring layout for documentation.

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