Ethernet Testing

By russbassani ·
I'm looking for a good way to set up a test stand to test the throughput capability of a series of slip-rings. My customer is looking to pass 100Base-T Ethernet signals through
these devices, and I need to procure, set-up,
and train our test people in this procedure.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Order and Wiring

by TheChas In reply to Ethernet Testing

We run all kinds of data signals through slip-rings.

What is critical is the type and quality of the slip-rings. Rings designed for power or old worn rings will not work well for high speed data.

Even more important is the wiring to the slip-rings, and the order of the 4 Rx/Tx lines. You may need to experiment with different arrangements of the wires on the rings. And, with shielded wire and different grounding techniques for the shield. That, and you will need to specify stranded rather than solid construction.

As far as testing, you want to look at the signal quality after it has passed through the slip-rings. I would use a good digital scope and look at the signal level and quality of the waveform. You can also perform a "cat-eye" test.

For verification, you want to look at bit error rate, packet loss, and data integrity. You also want to see if the system is switching to 10 base T to deal with high packet loss.


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