Ethernet to my TV is way slower than to my computer.

By Confused_In_Colorado ·
Just got a new Netgear Nighthawk router. Connected it to my computer with Cat7 and a speed test shows 200Mbps down/11 up. [With WiFi it's about 80 down]. Connected my 5 year-old Vizio 55" TV via Cat7, ran the speed test and it came out at 20 down. The reason I checked was because it seems soooo slow to respond to commands and some shows buffer and pixillate for a minute or two before clearing up. Using WiFi it's 15 down at 2.4GHz and 19 at 5GHz. Shouldn't the ethernet be significantly faster than WiFi and shouldn't it be at least close to what my computer sees instead of 10x slower? Is it just an old TV?
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Might be Ethernet Cable Issue

by elvisgomes4292 In reply to Ethernet to my TV is way ...

The cable you're using might be causing issues. If you're using a cheap or old or cable, try buying a new one to see if it's causing problems

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Cable is new.

I had been using CAT5e but replaced it with the new CAT7 that's there now. There's no difference in the speed between the two, and they're no better than WiFi.

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