Ethernet TV signal to router to powerline to TV ?

By Glenn16 ·
Can this be done ? My internet provider supplies free Tv channels most don't know about which can be rec'd with a QAM tuner. So I put in a splitter between the modem & router and ran a coax to the TV. That works fine. But I have another TV upstairs & I want to use my wireless powerline adapters & D link router but it won't work. Tried to use nfusion box just for connection to powerline adapter and TV but no luck. I realize it's probably a stupid question but can anyone straighten me out ? Many Thanks !

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by TheChas In reply to Ethernet TV signal to rou ...

I presume that your Internet connection comes in on a coax line and you have a cable modem that is the interface between the incoming signal and your computer.

In order to connect your second TV to receive the signal from the line, you are going to need to run coax from that TV to your splitter.

You will need either a 3 way splitter or a distribution amp in order to connect the second TV.

The reason using the networking approach does not work is that the TV signals would not be considered data and would not be transmitted. Also, if you are connecting the network equipment after the modem, the TV band signals have been filtered out.


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