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Ethically Correct ?

By kiranmarathe ·
I was recently contacted by a IT recruitment Agent. He checked up with me w.r.t. my experience, relocation pref. etc. And then asked for some references I could give him.

I went ahead and suggested few names to him. But now I am in this dilema of whether I should have given him the references of my collegues ? Is it ethically correct if one thinks from companies perspective?

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Yes - Its an open market

by JimHM In reply to Ethically Correct ?

Yes - unless your working the Beltway around DC then you got other relocation problems. But its an open market, and you can search any day of the week.

It would be unethical if you were using company supplies or company time to do this - but if its on your time - you still work in a free society (I am assume UR USA/Canada/UK/ASSUIE or one with open employment)..

Search - if you are unhappy make the move. Good Luck

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Recruiters and fishing

by JamesRL In reply to Ethically Correct ?

I don't have an issue with giving out current collegues - if of course you have asked them first (and for whats its worth I am a manager).

What I will warn you about is giving references before you are close to a job offer. It is likely that the recruiter is fishing for more contacts/potential hires, not getting more background on you.


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ethics shmethics

by john_wills In reply to Ethically Correct ?

The recruiter was really after you: he was hoping you'ld suggest yourself. It's "inethical" for a recruiter to recruit you using your present employer's time, so he asks for references from you and if you suggest yourself YOU are the one doing anything inethical.

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Marketing Oportunity

by coyne_n In reply to Ethically Correct ?

Being a Tech recruiter I can honestly say you are always wisest to check with your collegues, These type of calls can turn in to anoying marketing calls, looking for new clients, new long term consulting contract etc. however they are a part of doing business. Always pre check

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