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Ethics are getting in the way!

By Ed Woychowsky ·
Argh, my ethics got in the way again! Yesterday I was told to interview a guy; it was the friend that I put in contact with HR. I had to tell my manager that it was a conflict of interest because not only was he a friend, I stood to make some cash if he were hired. Bummer, it would have been easy and profitable to give my friend a glowing review.

There are times that having ethics are a real pain in the wallet!

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Ahh, but Ed

by Tig2 In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

If you had done any differently, you would not be sleeping well at night, not comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror, and generally not too happy.

Our ethics are the magical things that let us do stuff like that.

Console yourself with having done the right thing for the right reasons. You did, you know.

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I knew...

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Ahh, but Ed

That I could count on you for support.

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Right thing to do

by JamesRL In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

So lets think about one possible scenario.

You go through the process, give him a great review, he gets hired and doesn't fit in. He does great work but his personality clashes. This escalates to a point where they have to fire him.

What will people then think of you, and your judgement? How damaging would that be to your career? To your next promotion?


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You still did the right thing

by Fregeus In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

You can also imagine what would of happen if your ethics didn't get in the way. The guy is hired, they find out, they fire both your butts!

That, to me, is worst.

Besides, your friend can still get the job even if you don't interview him.

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Ed, you really want

by Jaqui In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

a butt kicking?
we can do that for ya you know. :)
after all, you passed up on "the almighty dollar".
[ not that anyone here would be likely to do any different than you did. ]

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"almighty dollar"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ed, you really want

It's easier to pass up on this side of the border than it used to be.

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Pass on...

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to "almighty dollar"

US dollars, make it Euros or Canadian Dollars.

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by Fregeus In reply to Pass on...

I never thought i would see this, ever, in my life.

An American refusing US currency for Canadian or European.

You made my day! My year! LOL

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Why not?

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Wow,

If a super model can reject US dollars, then why not a developer? Anyway have you ever seen US currency? Ugly green stuff with pictures of dead guys in funny clothing!

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Ed, you really want

If I wanted a butt kicking I?d have accepted the job offer from Charlie Northrup. The problem is that Charlie has morphed from the guy that I knew in college into a Darryl McBride-lite. There?s that ethics problem again!

Seriously, Jaqui if I?ve learn anything from reading your posts it is that opinions and ideas should be shared.

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