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By Cactus Pete ·
There are gray areas, given... But in the wifi thread I have seen some people state, basically:

"If the users are too stupid to know better, I'm taking advantage of them - no problem. In fact, I might even change some settings if I feel like it."

This got me to thinking about what sort of ethics in IT anyone has.

Personally, if you are taking advantage of someone else, I rather feel that you're being unethical. Sure, someone them might not notice you're doing it - some might not care if you told them. But in the wifi instance, I'm sure most people would be upset to find that their neighbors' kids are downloading porn or worse] through the unsecured AP.

But I'm interested in hearing a broader definition that encompasses IT as a whole - something against which all situations can be rated.


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Golden Rule(s)

by JamesRL In reply to Ethics

Do unto others, as you would have done unto you.


a good transaction(sale, contract etc.) has tangible benefit for both sides.


Never write something you wouldn't want published in a newspaper.


Never do something you would be embarrased to admit in front of your mother.

Are they simplistic? - of course, but they cover quite a few situations.

Ethics in IT should have a grounding in ethics in other areas.


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Iron rule?

by apotheon In reply to Golden Rule(s)

"Do unto others and run."

Heh. Maybe not.

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"plastic" rule?

by jdclyde In reply to Iron rule?

Do to others first what they would do to you?

Everything is legal until you get caught?

How about like said two posts earlier, just be what you concider a good person?

Would you admit to your grandma/boss/total stranger what you have done? If not it is usually a voice in your head saying that it is wrong.

Better heading is "Ethics in LIFE".

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by apotheon In reply to "plastic" rule?

I don't have a specific set of "IT ethics" by which I abide. I apply a universal and strict system of ethics to my entire life. My work in IT happens to fall within the range of "my entire life".

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by jdclyde In reply to agreed

Funny how that works like that for some people.

Go figure.

Standards? What is that?

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Well, what is this universal and strict system of ethics and range?

by james.chau In reply to agreed

and what do they do for you and the others around you ?

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by Nerdette In reply to Well, what is this univer ...

Do you REALLY not understand what the Universal and Strict system of ethics and range is they were referring to, or are you just asking that to further the discussion for those people who really don't get it?

The "range" was stated when informing that the ethics system was applied to their full life (apologies to the poster with the universal and strict system of ethics for my continuing to refer to them as "they".... I just got the kids in bed, ate my dinner - 9 pm - halfway through my one glass of wine three times a week (for the memory, mind you) and decided to read my email, found this discussion and started rip-roaring. I didn't take time to note the name before I clicked reply....)

Anyway, I digress, and will be so bold as to reply for the person with the Universal and Strict system of ethics: anyone who would be able to state as much would invariably mean that if they won't do it/admit it in front of the one person they admire most as being the epitome of a human being worthy of taking up their own bit of space and oxygen on this planet, then, well, by gosh, it just shouldn't be done. Whether anyone was looking/will find out/would care or not. Period. Strict and universal. Applied to everything in life.

Ok, got that off my chest.

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by apotheon In reply to Really?

That kinda sums it up, I guess, though you make me (as the "they" to whom you refer) sound rather more noble than I'd envisioned. Heh.

By the way, if you're looking for an appropriate pronoun, I'm a "he".

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Can't find universal and strict system of ethics in google neither

by james.chau In reply to Really?

It is new to me. I guess this system is perhaps more cultural than universal.
If I read it right, "I just got the kids in bed, ate my dinner - 9 pm - halfway through my one glass of wine three times a week....etc." then this system sounds more like a workflow for a robot than a person.

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to: Nerdette

by apotheon In reply to Really?

Ignore him. Either he's being intentionally obtuse and basically useless, or he's unable to grasp what you're saying, which is basically useless. Thanks for trying to make the blindingly obvious a little more obvious, though.

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