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By whatzup ·
Has anyone tried using ettercap? If so is it any good? I have been trying to use it on my older laptop which has WindowsXP on it and I can't seem to get it working right. I know that a lot of people say how great it is, but I have yet to get it to work properly. I have used wireshark in the past, but you really need a hundred page manual to use it, but I have heard that ettercap is better. Any advice would be great.


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Ettercap is a bit crude

by robo_dev In reply to Ettercap

Even if you don't know what all the knobs and buttons do in WireShark, it tends to work.

Never worked with Ettercap, but most sniffers need a valid PCAP stack, and I would bet that most of the creaky old versions of Ettercap either don't work with the version of PCAP you have installed, or the version you got tried to install a vintage 1992 version of PCAP on XP, which simply won't work.

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by whatzup In reply to Ettercap

Robo_dev thanks for the advice. What PCAP stack would you recommend?

I have been messing on and off with Ettercap for a few days now installing and uninstalling it, so you might have a point here. Again thanks

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks

To be honest I have no general, whoever wrote the capture program did it based on a certain PCAP, so the PCAP version that comes with the app is most likely to work.

Unless of course the application and PCAP version are written for MS DOS 1.0 or Windows 95, which is just tooo old.

If something acts weird it may be that the PCAP driver version is too old so some feature built into the application tries to use a function or program call that just is not the bottom line is to use whatever version of PCAP comes with the application....

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