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EU taking on M.S. ...

By Jaqui ·
yet anopther court order against MS from the EU courts.. this one because MS has not complied with one from March 2004.**0e

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by jdclyde In reply to EU taking on M.S. ...

I went to the court of First Instance's web page to read about the original ruling and about this judgement, but wasn't able to find this. It really isn't laid out in a way to make it easy for real people to use.

The article was still pretty vague. They mentioned that M$ has submitted two papers for the ruling, but neither of them met the requirements. Wish they would have gone into a little detail on what it is they are dragging their feet on releasing. Kind of surprised that a tech article wouldn't be more technical?

Keep us posted as you hear more.

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from what I know about this..

by Jaqui In reply to Strange

The ruling is for microsoft to release the communication protocols for all thier server software, to OPEN SOURCE developers. [ emphasis to highlight why they are dragging thier feet ]
native connection between linux desktops and windows servers, no interface layer. no tweaks and pokes to get it working, it's just like hooking a windows desktop to the windows server.

In effect, this court order kills the microsoft business practice of stifling competition by forcing them to allow competition, and from the entire open source community, who are the antithesis of ms dearly held beleifs.

To me it's not suprising that they haven't complied, what is suprising is that the EU is telling ms to change business practices or be bankrupted out of the EU. Not even microsoft can afford a 2.4 million usd a day fine for a long time, when they are also losing sales.
If the Euro continues to increase and the usd drop that fine increases, it is set at 2 million euros a day. what happens when the euro gets to the 2 or 3 usd per euro rate..4 to 6 million a day in fines adds up to comply or pull out of the eu for ms.

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Traditional problem with courts

by jdclyde In reply to from what I know about th ...

the judges and lawyers don't understand the technology they are ruling on.

Is there a specific *nux that is leading this?

What authority does this court have to enforce it's ruling? Really not up on this court system. Is it the final say for anything in the EU and has the authority to back up any rulings or what?

Bottom line, do they have the teeth to back up their bite?

I will have to go back out to their site again and see if I can find this. It would be interesting to see the unfiltered opinions.

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in short

by apotheon In reply to Traditional problem with ...

This is about legal sanctions in response to judgments of anticompetitive practices. The courts have all the authority they need to enforce it, and frankly I'm glad they're finally doing something about it.

Linux is the big concern that drives this, really. A lot of European governments (I think Switzerland is the latest) are making wide-scale IT infrastructure migrations to Linux-based systems, and in the process they're suddenly realizing that Microsoft's "embrace, extend, extinguish" and similarly anticompetitive market strategies are creating massive problems for anyone that isn't Microsoft.

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Tell it brother

by jdclyde In reply to in short

I have nothing but headaches with the constant "modifying" or the M$ office layouts to intentionally make them incompatable with any other product.

Before my time here, they saw a need to standarize office products. (10 years ago) At the time, the main user of computers was the accounting department, so when it went out to the managers what they thought, the head of accounting said that he uses the Lotus SmartSuite and no one else said anything. To this day, we are STILL using SmartSuite yet we are daily recieving Word and Excel files.

I have made the viewers available, AND have shown the users repeatedly how to open a M$ Word file in WordPro, but a few days from now that same user will call me again....

We are looking at OpenOffice or some package along that line to switch people on to something non-M$ that can still read the M$ layouts easily, but it has to run on anything from Win98 to XP.

When will the pain end?

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The pain ends . . .

by apotheon In reply to Tell it brother

. . . probably when Microsoft gets out of the software business. It's amazing to me that they can make such good hardware (Microsoft Natural keyboards have the best ergonomic design of any ergo qwerty keyboards I've used, and the best pointing device I've ever owned was a Microsoft trackball), and such cruddy software.

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You're kidding, right?

by Consultant-1 In reply to The pain ends . . .

So here it goes again, the usual round of open source folks, wanting companies to give away their products and technologies. Great, let's see you clowns give away your code. If you have any. Hmmm, didn't think so. Great when you think someone else is naturally wrong because they build a better product and make a lot of money at it. Like the "M$" moniker, tells it all. Folks are not about tech, no, it's about the money.
Tired of the 'nix losers (also rans) crabbing about MS products. Sounds like the athesists deriding religious folks. Why don't you take your second-rate, disconnected, standards limited OS and go away? Always goes to a haves versus the have nots argument. Why don't you have nots (europeans/canadians) either mind your own business or get with it? Don't deride a companies products because they are successful. Also, you need to understand business. Have you ever seen a WalMart put a small drug store out of business? Sure, but it is because folks get tired of getting less for their money! If MS wants to package all features and technologies into their OS, that's a good thing. If it is better, then it will survive, it not, it won't. That's the market.

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Dear clueless in Montgomery

by jdclyde In reply to The pain ends . . .

I was going to explain to you how this all works, but after your "Why don't you take your second-rate, disconnected, standards limited OS and go away?" comment, you have shown again that people put "consultant" behind their names because it sounds better than "unemployeed".

Standards. If you ever take a networking class, you will learn that the TCP/IP protocol that you are now using to read this post is a UNIX protocol, and you would not HAVE an internet without it or Unix.

I would also point out that the court order isn't about GIVING away anything. It is about opening the standards for CONNECTIVITY between different systems so your not locked into any one OS.

Next time you "consult", read one of the fliers about the product you are trying to sell and you might actually learn SOMETHING about computers, and how they work.

Until then little troll, go away. You just show how little you know about this field everytime you post something this stupid.

"Now go away, or I shall taunt you again!"

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Giving away code

by noyoki In reply to The pain ends . . .

Uh... I'm not a programmer, but, in the words of Simon and Garfunkel, "If I could, I surely would..." There are plenty of people that do likewise. (Linus Torvalds anyone?)
ANY Linux OS....

Aww ****, I could go on forever and list every open source site, but I'd encourage you to do alittle research of your own, Consultant, instead.

Though I doubt you will.

Closed source is all you want to see. Hey, if you don't mind paying out the nose for it, it's all yours. I'll keep my "free and tweakable" programs, thanks.

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There's giving away, and then there's giving away.

by apotheon In reply to The pain ends . . .

"So here it goes again, the usual round of open source folks, wanting companies to give away their products and technologies. Great, let's see you clowns give away your code."

I do, thanks. I'm not the only one, either. I suggest you have a look at the thousands of open source software projects on Freshmeat and Sourceforge some time -- or you could have a leisurely stroll through the Debian GNU/Linux software archives, which should only take you a few months of constant link-following to get all the way through, since they contain more than 18,000 open source software packages.

Open source development has a rich, vibrant community surrounding it, and the rate of successful software generation puts commercial software development to shame. The stability, security, and core functionality of the software produced by the OSS community also compares favorably.

Unless and until you've worked in both worlds, don't assume that categorical denouncements will hold much weight with those in a position to know better. I've written code for both Windows and unix platforms, and I find that free unices make for a much friendlier platform for development, thanks.

. . . and another thing:
Creating open source software doesn't necessarily mean you don't make money writing code. It just means you're not holding a gun to someone's head after they acquire your software, telling them how they're allowed to use it. There are a great many people out there making a very respectable living creating and supporting open source software.

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