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Evaluating a WLAN IDS Solution

By jdroba ·
I am evaluating different vendors to implement a WLAN IDS solutio in our Hospital. Does anyone have any good checklists they have used to assist in the vendor evaluations?


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by CG IT In reply to Evaluating a WLAN IDS Sol ...

try that paper.

Vendor selection for IDS really centers around how much $$ you got to spend, how big a network your trying to protect, and how much time you wish to spend monitoring the whole deal. If you've got a security staff which is only responsible for monitoring security of the system, you can get something that pretty much will tell you what the intruder ate for breakfast, what they fed the pet dog that morning, what color car they drive. If it's just you manning the lonely lowly IT department you can get something that will block most of the known intrusion attempts, send you an email when it happens and log day, date, time and source IP address [spoofed or not]. Then you can monitor the WLAN link with something like Snort to get more detailed info.

IDS systems can range [new] from the simple consumer level for $50 to $60 as in Norton Personal Firewall which has an intrustion detection system on up to a $100k or more for a big hefty system that monitors all hosts on all subnets throughout the entire network including remote sites.

Again vendor selection is how much $$ you got to spend and how much capability you need.

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by jdroba In reply to

This information was not very helpful. I already am aware of vendor solutions and costs/options. Looking for a checklist to assit me in evaluating difernet vendor solutions.

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by drsysadmin In reply to Evaluating a WLAN IDS Sol ...

Well, you covered cost. You may have not noticed you were given some good info above. Here is my take on it. Ease of use, details given, notification system, scope/suitabilty, service/support of product, product compatability, necessary additional hardware for functionality, product reliabilty, documentation and cost are all valid evalutions to use.

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by jdroba In reply to Evaluating a WLAN IDS Sol ...

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