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Evaluating to Migrate code from one version control tool to other

By amitan ·
If some organisation is planning to migrate their source code from one tool to other what/how they should plan to achieve successful migration?
Evaluating to Migrate code from one version control tool to other – Key considerations when deciding
Why Migration of source is critical activity:
All most all Source code contains some format of delicate information-whether it be configuration related information such as database credentials or information on how the web application functions such as web template.
Now if such information is disclosed, there is enormous possibility to use this information by an attacker to discover logical flaws and escalate into a successive chain of attacks which may not be possible without having access to the application's source code. This include attacks such as SQL injection, database takeovers, Cross-site Scripting, remote code execution and sometime DDOS.
This massive code sharing is both a blessing and a curse, let’s be secure while sharing code
In order to achieve solution for conducting a risk free and systemic migration
We need to plan 3 stages for code Migration I.e. Pre-Migration, Migration & Post Migration stages
Key considerations in Pre-Migration activity
• License Cost
• Administration Cost
• Developer Productivity
• Security of Data
• Training of Team
• Total cost of ownership
• Knowledge on all Connected tools with ALM
• Agile adoption policies and CI practices
• Team structure – Distributed vs Co-located?
• File Types – Do you have large binary files?
• Need File Locks?
• Users have the appropriate permissions to fetch and push
• Builds are successful, and all your tests are passing.
Key considerations or challenges you may face during migrating
• Test Environment
• Capacity planning
• Compute capacity
• Benchmark the current VCS
• Network connectivity
• Access between source and target servers.
• Load testing
• Access control
• Aim to migrate over a weekend when nobody needs to check-in.
Key considerations in Post Migration activity
• Data integrity verification.
• Data size check.
• Automated acceptance testing & reporting.
• Dependencies are intact and build doesn’t break.
• Link between files and folders is not broken.
• Load testing.
• Backup and Sync jobs.
After following above key points you can have a systemic and risk free migration.
We should not go for hype in market for latest tools, lets plan and then act.

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