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By dogknees ·
We're looking at Eclipse as a platform for developing Android apps and there is something that we seem to be missing.

In every other IDE I and my associates use (and every one I've used since about 1990), there is a way to create a function to handle an event from a UI object using a menu option like "Create event/Goto Event Handler/...." but neither of us can find it. How does one create an event handler that is automatically bound to a control in the Layout editor?

Can anyone assist?


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by dogknees In reply to Do you mean something lik ...

Not quite. If I'm using another IDE, when I build an interface (using the graphical editor) I can then go to a code pane and select the object and an event from a list and the system inserts the boilerplate code for the selected event.

As far as I see in Eclipse, I have to manually enter these details. There doesn't appear to be any kind of link between the interface designer and the code editors.

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