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    Event_ID 1000 Error on Windows 2003 Server


    by montgomery gator ·

    Here is the situation. We have a Windows 2003 Server hosted in VMWare. It has been upgraded from Windows NT 4. There are several processes that are run from batch files that call CA-Realia COBOL executables. The problem is that these executables generate Event_ID 1000 error when the batch files are called from a command prompt. However, if called from a scheduled task, they run to completion without errors. If I type the individual commands from the batch files, the executables run without errors. What is really puzzling is that another server that is supposedly identical in setup that went through the same upgrade process does not have the problem, and I cannot find what the difference is. I checked security on the batch files and executables involved and they have full permissions. Any insight into the situation would be appreciated.

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      VMWare path

      by mikeaaaaaaaaa9 ·

      In reply to Event_ID 1000 Error on Windows 2003 Server

      When using VMWare or other virtual software, the command prompt does not always refer back to the original location of the batch files. It may appear the files are in the directory you view but virtual is not a true picture of the environment, it is a reproduced one. It is a wild guess but it appears the corruption lies in VMWares mapping/hooking of the drive prompt and the scheduler runs because it was probably not created in the virtual environment, or the corruption lies in the creation of the VM and needs to be redone. Try (hopefully you did this) redoing the VMWare from a ghosted image of your original configuration again. If the 2 servers are identical, ghost one to the other.

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        by douglas dean ·

        In reply to VMWare path

        This problem has nothing to do with vmware.
        an updated nt4 system promoted to Active Directory has a number of known issues with event 1000. just search the ms knowledgebase. see q258296, q279742, q258960, q261197, q276516, q277682, q290647, q285923.

        you clearly know nothing about vmware, you musr be in management 😉

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          Thanks for the references

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to wrong

          I checked them out, but, unfortunately, they were not relevant to the issue at hand. I had searched Microsoft previously and had found those articles. I am afraid the Event_ID 1000 error is one of those infamous generic Microsoft error numbers that is used for all sorts of errors, like the 500 error with IE.

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        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to VMWare path

        Thanks for your suggestion. I will relay this to the guy I am working with on the Server team in my company and see what he thinks.

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      Did you get any solution for this issue?

      by shridhargune ·

      In reply to Event_ID 1000 Error on Windows 2003 Server

      We are having similar problem on win 2003. Please let us know

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