Event ID 1202/1005 JET database corrupt

By otaku_lord ·
Hello Everyone!

Have a non-DC server running W2K3 getting the 1202/1005 event IDs every 15 minutes or so. I inherited them so I am not sure when they started.

I have tried all of the suggested fixes from M$ but cannot complete the recreation of the database as I get "An extended error has occurred. Import Failed." every time!

Would someone mind helping me with this?

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Checked that...

by otaku_lord In reply to See Link

but it is already set to default(0). Double checked to verify that I was looking at the right setting.

I do appreciate the suggestion though as I had never seen that idea as part of the solution.

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Some additional information

by otaku_lord In reply to Event ID 1202/1005 JET da ...

The following errors appear to be related:

Event ID 1005 - Some JET database is corrupt.
Event ID 1202 - Security policies propogated with warning. 0x10d9: Unable to write to database.
Event ID 4** - wuaueng.dll (900) SUS20ClientDataStore: Attempt to determine minimum I/O block ... "Access is denied"

To me it appears that the WSUS install was not given proper permissions. I have logged into the server and given the directory listed on error 4** full access to everyone to see if that would resolve the ACCESS DENIED message.

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Another update...

by otaku_lord In reply to Some additional informati ...

the latest attempt did not resolve the issue so if ANYONE has any ideas I would love to hear them!!!

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