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By 2005Newbie ·
Background: 6 months experience as IT Administrator and at this position.

Discussion: While checking Application Log on one of my W2003 servers, I came across this error ? License Service Event I 202. I read the MS support pages, etc. Basically I found that under AdminTool/Licensing/Clients, there are approx 108 ?clients? that ARE NOT current employees. Under PROPERTIES it shows the last log-on date. Some are over 5.5 years old.

THE QUESTIONS: Should I delete these people or just revoke the license? and what is the difference between revoking and deleting?

MY THOUGHTS: Delete these people and keep the data base clean all the time to only reflect current employees.

Much thanks in advance for guidance.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Event ID 202

Are their users accounts in Active Directory? Delete them is my advice.

If their accounts are gone, then revoke the licenses.

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by 2005Newbie In reply to

Dear Friend

Thank you for your help. These "users" are not in the Active Directory. I constantly delete them and they constantly reappear as does the warning: License Service 202.

What is my next step?

Thanking you in advance.

Friend in need, friend indeed!

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by 2005Newbie In reply to Event ID 202

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