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Event ID 529

By Shanghai Sam ·
I am having authentication problems on my network. I have a NT 4.0 PDC and BDC sp 6a. Users log on fine, (Win9 they can access their home folder on the server just fine.
Then for no reson I can find, a user(this varies from day to day) will try to access their home folder on the BDC and they will get access denied.
*Usually* they are trying to "save" an Office (97)document in Word or Excel.

The Event viewer on the server displays this error:

Reason: Unknown user name or bad password User Name: CAROL
Logon Type: 3
Logon Process: KSecDD
Workstation Name: \\C_HOFFMAN

At this very instant, when the user is getting "access denied" messages, I can log onto the domain on another computer using the exact username and password and gain access to their home folder. I can go back to the original computer and still can not access the home folder(Access denied You do not have permissionto access this resource).
I have seen this error associated with more than one account. Today every account never encounters an error. Tomorrow, one client will have problems, but the next day, they don't and someone else has the same problem.
I have found that when a user gets these errors, *sometimes* they can browse network neighborhood to the BDC, open the "users" directory, close NN and then they are able to "save" the file to the server from within whatever program they were using. If this method gets the "access denied" when the double click on the BDC, the only way to re establish authentication is to restart the client computer.

I have ran out of Ideas.

Danny Sanders MCP
Network Admin.

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Event ID 529

by amrish In reply to Event ID 529

Are you getting this message on the same machine? if it is then the problem could be Policy is preventing a user to use that specific Workstation. Check to see if you have implemented "use only this Workstation policy", or simlpy check the user's account property and you'll find somthing that restrict the user to access the server from this specific workstation.
Good luck.

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Event ID 529

by NetTek In reply to Event ID 529

Check to see if your domain controllers are running low on disk space. Also, check event viewer to see if there are any messages stating that a BDC was unable to synchronize with the PDC. If this is the case, you will need to identify what is causing the failed synchronization. Since all of your domain controllers are capable of validating security, you will need to check all of them.

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Event ID 529

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Event ID 529

These errors are not computer/user specific. That is to say today user 1 has problems today, and not tomorrow. User 2 had problems yesterday but not today. There is no restriction on where they cna log onto the network from. There are a lot of 5715 "partial replication complete" entries on the BDC and the corresponding 5711 entries on the PDC. There is replication occuring. I have seen the MS KB article Q208237. I had the guest account disabled. And I had the admin account renamed. Could the guest account being disabled, account for the constant "updates"?

Danny Sanders MCP
Network admin

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